Pitch, not politics the focus

19 June 2012 02:47

Giorgos Samaras says Greek disaffection at German attempts to impose harsh public sector cuts to curb spiralling debt had no part to play in Friday's match in Gdansk.

"We cannot entangle football and politics. It is bad to do that. Football is a game and we will play to enjoy it because we like it," Celtic forward Samaras said.

"We are not only playing for ourselves but for the 11 million Greeks back home. We managed to bring them joy by beating Russia and we hope to do the same on Friday," the 27-year-old added.

The Germany-Greece match is being billed as the "Debt Derby" by some, with widespread concern about the effect of Greece's dire financial straits on the eurozone -- and the Berlin-led battle to save it.

Source: AFP