Greeks respect but do not fear Germany

18 June 2012 02:17

Greece midfielder Giannis Maniatis said that they have total respect for their quarter-final opponents Germany but do not fear them, despite being underdogs.

"We will be playing one of the best teams in the Euro. We surpassed ourselves against Russia. We achieved our qualification for the next round, something that was not expected by many," the 25-year-old said.

"We will do the same against Germany on Friday. We will look them straight in the eyes, we will not fear them even though they are the favourites. It is just a game and anything can happen. Here we are talking sports. We are talking football. We just want to bring some joy to the Greeks back home," he told reporters. It is not important that we have not beaten them in a long time. Traditions are made to be broken," Maniatis continued.

Source: AFP