McCammon gets payout after winning racism case

10 August 2012 06:17

Former Gillingham striker Mark McCammon has been awarded £68,728 ($107,741) after he was unfairly sacked by the English League Two club after suffering racial victimisation.

McCammon, who played for Millwall in the 2004 FA Cup final against Manchester United, was given the payout at a hearing on Friday following a tribunal's ruling last month.

The total includes loss of earnings and breach of contract, according to the 33-year-old's solicitor Sim Owolabi.

McCammon brought the race victimisation case -- believed to be the first of its kind against a British football club -- after being dismissed for alleged misconduct last year.

The former Barbados international told a four-day hearing in June that he had been put "through hell" at Gillingham as he was treated differently from white players.

The club strongly denied his claims and said they were "staggered" by the judgement in his favour as they had employed thousands of staff of different races without complaint.

As part of his case, 6ft 2in McCammon said he was ordered to come into the ground amid "treacherous" winter driving conditions while some white players were not required.

The player, who signed for Gillingham in 2008 on £2,500 a week, also said the club tried to "frustrate him out" by refusing to pay private medical bills to help him regain his fitness following injury.

Instead, he claimed he was offered the same operation on the NHS rather than privately, a move he described as "completely out of character" for a Football League club, and that he was fined two weeks' wages when he visited a private consultant.

In contrast, the former Charlton, Swindon, Millwall and Brighton player said a white team-mate was flown to Dubai for treatment by an eminent physiotherapist at the club's expense.

In a letter sent to the Professional Footballers' Association (PFA) outlining his grievances, McCammon also claimed he was told not to blog while others were permitted to do so.

Source: AFP