Gills chief Stimson in a jam

02 December 2009 11:10
Ryan Jarvis gave Orient an early lead but Curtis Weston soon levelled before goals from Sean Thornton and Jimmy Smith gave the hosts all three points.

Referee Andy D'Urso had earlier refused to delay the kick-off, which forced Stimson to put the first 11 players that turned up in his starting line-up.

Stimson said: "We only had 11 players at quarter to seven. It was a bit of a nightmare situation and unfortunately there was no leeway from the referee as we had to put in the team sheet an hour before the game and were told that players whose names were not on it would not be allowed to be in the team.

"He said he could not delay the start, rules were rules and we had to get on with it. He said there were enough stewards in the ground to steward the game and that was it.

"We thought it might have been one of those games when we got a win out of it, one of those freak situations, but it wasn't to be."

Source: Team_Talk