Fan saves day for Gills' scorer

18 January 2009 12:13
Gillingham's Curtis Weston has BBC Radio Kent's Peter Lloyd to thank for scoring the winning goal at Morecambe. Weston forgot his boots and Lloyd, who works as a fans' summariser at Gillingham games, brought them with him on his 289-mile trip from Kent. Weston then used the boots to score the only goal in Saturday's 1-0 win. Lloyd, who has attended over 1,000 consecutive Gills games, joked: "I wonder whether I should get an assist, or a percentage of the win bonus." He collected the boots from the club secretary on the way to the game. "Unfortunately in his haste to join the rest of the team and head north by train, Curtis left his boots behind. A couple of urgent phone-calls later and he now has them," Lloyd said. When Weston scored the winner, Lloyd added in his commentary: "When the ball fell to Curtis if I had had the magic boots on that I brought up here, I would have put that in the back of the net. It was a side foot from 10 yards into an empty net. "It would be too much for me to go that far by claiming an assist but anyone would have fancied that particular chance. I'm delighted."

Source: BBC_Sport