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Loew wary of paying Greeks lip service

21 Jun 2012 14:46:56

Loew wary of paying Greeks lip service

Germany coach Joachim Loew has said he will watch his language ahead of Friday's quarter-final with Greece after learning a deaf German lip-reader is tweeting his pitch-side comments.

"I have said some pretty hefty expletives, I have to admit that. So I will probably have to beware of that a little bit more in the future," said Loew after learning about football-fan Julia Probst.

Under her Twitter account EinAugenschmaus (A Feast for the Eyes), the 30-year-old reads the lips of Germany's players and coaches whenever the cameras zoom in on their faces during matches.

Under the hashtag #Ableseservice (reader service), the Germans' comments are then immediately tweeted.


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