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        Other Premier League Fixtures - 2014/15

        This weekends other games that dont have a topic. Sat 20/09/14 Queens Park Ra… 12 : 45 Stoke City Burnley 15 : 00 Sunderland...

        20 Sep 2014 13:10
        Man City v Chelsea -21st Sept - 4pm

        Yaya Toure has had a poor start to the season and was awful in the CL match against Munich the other day. Could it be because he has not yet...

        20 Sep 2014 13:07
        Premier League Prediction competetion 2014-15 - Round 4

        QPR 1-2 Stoke Aston Villa 1-2 Arsenal Burnley 1-2 Sunderland Newcastle 1-2 Hull Swansea 2-1 Southampton West Ham 0-3 Liverpool Leicest...

        20 Sep 2014 11:56
        Aston Villa v Arsenal - 20th September , Kick Off 3.00pm

        Can see Villa getting themselves a fair amount of joy against our defence today, depending on what we scrape together so it's important we s...

        20 Sep 2014 09:24
        Man City v Chelsea -21st Sept - 4pm

        Don't think he really has anything to prove, clearly an excellent player. Everyone goes through quiet patches....

        20 Sep 2014 09:19