Genoa sack Malesani

22 December 2011 06:46

Genoa coach Alberto Malesani paid the price for his side's poor recent form capped by Wednesday's 6-1 thrashing by Napoli with his job, the Serie A side announced on Thursday.

"It's regrettable but we can't go on like that," club preisdent Enrico Preziosi told Sky Sport.

"When a team's humiliated on the pitch like that there's nothing else to do. Yesterday I reiterated my confidence in Malesani but at 3-0 down I left and made my decision."

The 49-year-old Malesani, who was sacked by Parma last April, is the tenth Serie A manager to be fired this season.

He has been replaced by Pasquale Marino.

Source: AFP