Nereida Gallardo

Nereida Gallardo lives with her mother and stepfather. Nereida participated in some contests like an underwear fashion show. She appeared in an advert for olive oil. Next, she got a bit of publicity with her appearance in a biker pageant. Apart from this, she had some of her pictures taken in water, though; most of the effort went unnoticed. In order to earn, Nereida began working as an amateur in a nursing home. In her personal life, Nereida established a relationship with soccer star Pedro Campane. But the two later broke off. She was also spotted with Sergio Ramos. But Nereida Gallardo claimed that the two were merely friends. She met Christiano Ronaldo in January, 2008 at a Majorca club, Tito's. But they only lasted five months.

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