The Folly of Fulham

16 February 2014 02:26

Desperation and it looks like confusion has hit an all time high at Craven Cottage. On Friday, Rene Meulensteen announced that he had been sacked by Fulham. Fulham now claim that Meulensteen was not sacked, that he is still the “first team coach. It becomes even more confusing when former Wolfsburg manager, Felix Magath was installed to be the “first team manager”.

So as far as anyone can tell at this point, Rene Meulensteen was sacked from a job he did not hold; walked away from a job that he didn’t know was his and now has a manager over him where there should not be one. With all of that going on, the one stabilizing fixture at the club, assistant manager Ray Wilkins is rumored to have also left the club though this has yet to be confirmed.

If Meulensteen is truly out as manager or coach, Magath will surely have his hands full trying to get his staff situated and have Fulham ready for the upcoming match with West Brom. Though Magath’s credentials are impressive, both as a player and manager, he has not managed since being replaced in October of 2012 at Wolfsburg. West Brom current sit four points above Fulham in the table and a win would go far in helping both teams survive relegation.

The up side for Fulham is that Magath has been in this position before; having saved VfB Stuttgart from relegation in 2001 and again saving Wolfsburg in the 2011-2012 seasons. If Magath can again reach into his bag of tricks to save the Cottagers, then maybe Fulham can erect a proper statue of him outside the stadium. As for Meulensteen, he will eventually be given another manger position where he can finish the work he started and maybe this time he will get the title of Manager.


Source: DSG