Healy sorry over gesture

22 July 2008 07:16
Fulham striker David Healy has apologised after making a flute-playing gesture towards Celtic fans during a weekend friendly. The Northern Ireland striker made the gesture in which he mimicked an Orange marcher while warming up prior to his second-half substitute appearance in the 3-1 win over the Scottish champions at Craven Cottage. Fulham and the Irish Football Association have already confirmed that they are looking into the incident. "I am supposed to be a role model and I can only apologise," he told Ulster Television. "I can guarantee from my point of view it will never happen again. "It was one of those regrettable incidents that somebody said something and I made a silly gesture, which ultimately I regret." Speaking on Monday, Healy's agent Stephen Hughes attempted to play down the incident, saying: "David has told me he was wearing boots with a Northern Ireland flag on the back. "The Celtic fans saw that and know he's a Rangers fan. They were chanting, 'Where were you on the 12th', which is the day of the Orange marching bands in Belfast. "So he simply pretended to play the flute. There was no attempt to inflame the fans."

Source: ESA