Blatter plan upsets Volz

16 October 2007 01:54
Fulham star Moritz Volz has blasted Sepp Blatter's proposal to limit the number of foreign players in the Premier League. The FIFA president wants more home-grown players in domestic leagues and has proposed that clubs can only include five overseas players in their starting line-ups. Volz told The Times: "In my view it's the Premier League that would suffer most, setting it back years. "I believe the foreign influx has done nothing but raise the level of English players and the English game. The Premier League is now a cultural melting pot and that benefits everyone involved. "It's the combination of the traditionally English with the foreign that makes it what it is. "It's the best league in the world precisely because of this cosmopolitan flavour where different styles mingle against the backdrop of English intensity and atmosphere. "Reduce any of those elements and the Premier League wouldn't be the same."

Source: ESA