Berbatov: All I need is trust

17 September 2012 09:12
Fulham's new striking hero Dimitar Berbatov says he can do special things on the pitch, but only when his boss trusts him.

The Bulgarian departed Manchester United in the summer and made no secret of the fact he had fallen out and 'lost respect' for Sir Alex Ferguson.

Now at Fulham, and given centre stage by Martin Jol, Berbatov looks in his element, which was highlighted in their 3-0 win over West Brom as he was the catalyst behind the performance.

"If I feel the coach is trusting my ability then I can do special things on the pitch," Berbatov said. "Now that I play for Fulham, I just want to show that I appreciate that they took me to the club. I know the coach, he trusts me. "I feel good if the coach trusts the way I play and you saw that with the way I performed on the pitch."

Source: team_talk