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Arsenal v Tottenham - 27th , Kick Off 5.30pm

Arsenal have the big test to come against Chelsea of course, and I bet you'd take a draw there all day long Conner. I don't think there were...

01 Oct 2014 03:39
Liverpool v Everton - 27th Sept , Kick Off 12.45pm

George Carlin — 'Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.' I am off from her...

01 Oct 2014 01:45
Man Utd v West Ham - 27th Sept , Kick Off 3.00pm

hahaha....Rooney ...what an idiot card totally deserved , did not even look at the ball , a disgrace for someone who was just made c...

30 Sep 2014 22:24
Liverpool v Everton - 27th Sept , Kick Off 12.45pm

Im fairly sure ronaldo was world player of the year in 2008 while at united regardless the point was that he has never really deserved it!...

30 Sep 2014 22:20