FIFA president Sepp Blatter talks tough on racism

24 January 2013 03:17

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has reiterated his claim that racist abuse should be punished by points deductions and even relegation for teams concerned.

The sport's world governing body has never imposed such a sanction for an offence of discrimination, but Blatter - who tweeted his views on the matter on Sunday - insisted a fine was "not enough".

Blatter told "It is now up to us to take the adequate steps. What I feel we should do is give instructions to our national associations and the confederations - specifically to the disciplinary committees - to be very strong."

He added: "It is not enough to give a fine. Playing a game without spectators is one of the possible sanctions, but the best would be the deduction of points and the relegation of a team, because finally the club is responsible for their spectators."

Earlier this month FIFA imposed a one-match spectator ban on Bulgaria for racist abuse by their fans of a Denmark player. It was the first time the body had imposed anything more than a fine for racism.

Blatter has backed AC Milan midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng for walking off the field during a friendly in response to continuing racist abuse, having initially appeared to question the player's decision.

He said: "It is a phenomena where football is a victim of our society. Discrimination and racism is everywhere in our society. We in football cannot be made responsible for what happens in our society.

"But nowhere in the world - regarding all the problems you can have in your private life, in business, in politics - can you solve a problem by running away. I agree with and support the movement of Boateng - as I have said - as it was a strong warning."

Source: PA