FIFA chief slams attacks on Boston marathon

17 April 2013 10:47

FIFA chief Sepp Blatter on Wednesday condemned the deadly attacks at the Boston marathon, urging authorities to pull out all the stops in preventing such tragedies.

"What happened in Boston is a drama, a tragedy," the head of world football's governing body said in Spanish, speaking to reporters as he wrapped up a two-day visit to Cuba.

"It was an attack on sport, and it was an attack on one of the most popular sports there is: marathons."

US investigators have said they believe the two bombs, which killed three and injured around 180 at the marathon on Monday, were packed in pressure cookers.

It is "incredible . (how) violent" society has become, Blatter said.

"The only thing . (to be done) is for every precaution to be taken to ensure the safety of sporting events," he stressed.

Blatter met with Cuban sports authorities. While it is an Olympic contender punching above its weight class in sports such as athletics and boxing, Cuba so far has not become a football power.

Source: AFP