Scudamore concerned by claims of match fixing

30 November 2013 08:01

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore has described allegations of match-fixing in England's top flight as "the most serious attack that can be made on the sport".

An online betting expert has claimed in the Daily Telegraph that two Premier League matches since 2000 have displayed signs of suspicious betting patterns.

The latest allegations come on the same day two men appeared in court charged with plotting to defraud bookmakers after a National Crime Agency investigation into alleged football match-fixing.

Mark Brosnan, the chief executive of online betting firm, claims two top-flight matches since the turn of the century fall under suspicion.

Regarding one of the games, Brosnan told the Daily Telegraph: "In my opinion, there's only a one per cent chance that it was just a big coincidence."

And Scudamore has voiced his concern at the claims, saying: "This is an allegation of criminal acts."

The Premier League chief added: "It is the most serious allegation that can be made about anyone involved in sport. It is about the most serious attack that can be made on sport.

"Anyone with allegations, information or evidence should report it to the police. There are processes in place through which they, the Gambling Commission and the Football Association are to act following receipt of such information. We would of course assist any such investigation."

Source: PA