Do Football's Fair Play Rules Need Changing?

26 May 2014 09:51

How many times have you watched a football match, either at the ground or on the television and moaned at the fact that managers tend to substitute player with ninety seconds to go on the clock before the end of the game when in front? Likewise, how many times have we seen players take the ball to the corner flag just to tap it about between their legs with seconds to go?

We call it time wasting in any other game or profession, so why are footballers, who are paid an exuberant amount of money in wages, being allowed to spoil this beautiful game before our very eyes?

Is there a solution?

Some will say no because the players and managers will always find ways around the rules of the game. But I want to suggest this one little idea for all fans and footballers to consider; a rule to be passed at the highest levels that makes it impossible to substitute a player after 80 minutes played.

I wonder what difference that would make to the game?

Source: DSG

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