Bernstein - I will make clean break

16 January 2013 06:16

David Bernstein feels frustrated at being forced to step down as Football Association chairman but will make a clean break with the organisation when his term ends in July.

Bernstein has fallen foul of a new rule obliging board members to step down once they reach the age of 70. An attempt to persuade the FA council to allow an extension was blocked in October, and Bernstein will be replaced in six months' time.

Bernstein, speaking at the launch of the celebrations of the FA's 150th anniversary, insisted he would not try to find a different role within the organisation. He said: "I'm a believer in clean breaks, to be honest. When I left Manchester City, I made a very clean break and I don't want to be spectre at the feast so I doubt it."

He added: "Quite frankly, I'm not even thinking about that. There is six months ahead and it's a really busy six months and I would like for it to go as well as the previous two years."

Asked if he was frustrated at not being able to stay longer to complete his mission to reform the FA, Bernstein replied: "A little," adding that there was lots more he wished to achieve.

One area where progress has been slow is in terms of bringing in the changes reforms to the organisation recommended by the culture, media and sport select committee, such as reforming the antiquated FA council, slimming down the board and bringing in a new licensing system for clubs.

He added: "I'd of course love to see the England team continuing its progress in the World Cup qualifiers - that is absolutely crucial. We are the Football Association and football has to rate very highly.

"I'd like to see us implement the anti-discrimination programme we have now put in place.

"I would like to see some FA governance progress in response to the select committee. So far it has been slower than it might have been.

"I would like to see in general terms more progress on the Respect issues, whether it be player-on-player or player-on-referee, crowd issues or so on."

Source: PA