Grecians pay to land defender

03 February 2010 07:35
Exeter City's director of football Steve Perryman is confident that his club have done the right thing by paying a transfer fee to land Troy Archibald-Henville. The 21-year-old defender has left Tottenham Hotspur to head to St James's Park, having spent much of the last 12 months on loan with the Grecians. Perryman told the Express & Echo: "I suppose it is a gauge of the improvement the club has made that a player like Troy sees this as a place where he can improve. "Whatever we do at this club has to be value for money. We don't give money away when we don't need to and we always look to get more back than we pay. "Troy is a young player who wants to improve and we are really looking forward to having him back in the fold. "He has been part of the group for some time now and it shouldn't take him any time to settle back in and revert to what he has been doing over the last year."

Source: ESA