Yorke set to take on Toffees

08 July 2010 07:30
Dwight Yorke is adamant he will not let anyone down when he lines up for Sydney against Everton this weekend.[LNB] The 38-year-old former Aston Villa, Manchester United, Blackburn, Birmingham and Sunderland player will line up for former clubas a guest player when they play the Premier League side on Saturday.[LNB]Yorke insists he has no desire to return to competitive football - but is confident he can still hold his own.[LNB]He explained: "If I didn't think I could do it and if I didn't think I could give a good account of myself I wouldn't be here.[LNB]"I didn't turn up here just for turning up's sake. I'm here to give a good account of myself and that's what I'm hoping for.[LNB]"I just want everybody to know I'm not here looking for a new contract or anything, I'm coming here to give my best obviously because I'm competitive like that.[LNB]"I'm looking forward to play against a Premier League team and I'm sure all the boys from Sydney as well are looking forward to that, because that opportunity doesn't come along very often.[LNB]"It'll just be good to see if I can still compete at that level."[LNB]He continued: "Football to me is not that difficult. I'm in pretty good nick in terms of physical fitness.[LNB]"Football-wise, obviously I've lacked that. In the next two days we'll monitor that as to how long I'll play in the game - but from a physical point of view I'm in very good touch.[LNB]"I just need to get the feel of the ball and I should be okay."[LNB]Asked if the lure of Sydney nightlife influenced his decision to return, Yorke said with a smile: "I'm looking forward to that as well."[LNB]Yorke, who has balanced a fledgling media career with a role as Ambassador of Sport in Trinidad and Tobago since hanging up his boots, is undecided what his future holds. However, he admits a career in coaching is a strong possibility.[LNB]He added: "Once I've settled down a little bit and reflected on which direction I want to go, I'll make that decision.[LNB]"But football has been part of my life and it's very difficult to walk away from that.[LNB]"Management is something that I feel I can be good at - providing the opportunity is the right one."

Source: Team_Talk