Wayne Rooney - is it time for Everton FC fans forgive him?

02 February 2010 02:00
Wayne Rooney

COULD some Evertonians be learning to love Wayne Rooney again - or, at least, be learning to like or begrudgingly respect him?

And could Liverpudlians ever . . . no, scrub that.

Whisper it quietly, but some Blues - including yours truly - are beginning to look at the new, improved Wayne Rooney in a new light and entertaining some previously impossible thoughts:

Yes, he did wear that home-made 'Once a Blue, Always a Blue' T-shirt before going on to stab us in the back (and front) - but come on, he was only a kid at the time.

Yes, he moved to the dark side (it could have been worse, it could have been Anfield) - but would this intensely-ambitious, motivated-by-medals talent have won three League titles and a Champions' League trophy at cash-strapped Everton by the time he was 24?

Yes, he turned his back on us and we still wish he hadn't - but what a player he is and what a season he's having.

Yes, you may have no interest in the national team, but who deserves to be England's captain more - John 'Sleazebag' Terry or Wayne 'Roy of the Rovers' Rooney? (yes, the latter has also been on the front pages for all the wrong reasons, but he was much younger then and at least he saw the error of his ways).

It's been a rollercoaster of a relationship - and it's still unclear how it will pan out. But here's the love/hate/what next? story so far.

Source: Liverpool_Echo