Wayne Rooney and Everton FC - letters special

04 February 2010 01:00
* READ Paddy Shennan's column about Wayne Rooney here

I AGREE with Paddy Shennan, it is time to bury the hatchet with Wayne Rooney.

I have a dream Rooney will sign a new agreement with Manchester United for a further three years and make so much money he won't need anymore.

Then he will walk away a free agent and return to the place he belongs for a mere £40, 000 per week.

Anthony Tully, L18

Time is great healer

TO be honest reading your piece in the ECHO (Yes, we can be friends again, February 2), I feel exactly the same.

I've had a season ticket for 13 years and have supported Everton since I can remember.

Time is a great healer and although I hated him when he left, I watch him now in awe. What a player. We knew he would turn out like this but to see it, albeit for a different team, is fantastic.

I watch with a heavy heart but proud of the player he has become. I am jealous of the Manchester United supporters when he scores and plays as he does.

He is the ultimate all round player, he gives his 110% in every game, covers every blade of grass and has the heart of a lion. His passion is obvious for all to see, his touch, his passing, tackling, shooting, scoring. I truly believe he is one of the best players in the world. And he is only 24. He still has time to improve. frightening.

When United play at Goodison I will join in with the abuse and barracking and hope that he gets wound up enough to be sent off or lose his cool as his passion bubbles over. But on the inside I just wish he was still playing for us.

No one player is bigger than a club. we are bigger than Wayne Rooney. And I would rather have David Moyes over Wayne Rooney.

The banner for Figo is perfect.We hate you so much because we loved you so much.

Jo Jones, via email

Go easy on Rooney

WITH regard to the article in Tuesday's ECHO by Paddy Shennan.

He argued a case for excusing Rooney for his apparent disloyalty in abandoning Everton to pursue a career where he stood a better chance of wealth and medals - a choice, incidentally, which now seems fully justified.

The problem is that most supporters are schizophrenic in demanding loyalty from their players, while at the same time demanding a huge budget to buy top players from other clubs, and Evertonians are no exception. The days are long gone when we expected to do well with home grown players, and we are also well past the time when we could refer to football as a sport.

Professional soccer is primarily a business, with business knowledge and clout the deciding factors.

I would challenge even the truest blues to look into their hearts and imagine they had to make the same career choice for their own son.

We found Wayne, we nurtured him, and sold him for a great deal of much-needed money. We should be content with that.

So please, go easy on the barracking when he walks out at Goodison - he is still a son of Merseyside of whom we can all be proud.

And remember, as Shennan points out, Rooney himself says: 'Everton is still a big part of my life and my family's life'.

Chris White, Kirkby

Source: Liverpool_Echo