Royal Blue: Loyal Louis Saha only has eyes for Everton FC

06 February 2010 06:00
THE Premier League would be a poorer place without the mercurial temperament of French footballers plying their trade across the channel.

Imagine being deprived of Eric Cantona's legendary eccentricity - from seagulls following trawlers to his Kung-Fu moment of madness.

Or missing out on the highly-strung excellence of David Ginola, or the so-mercenary-it's-almost-funny attitude of Pascal Chimbonda?

Louis Saha may not possess the same headline grabbing volatility of such players, but he certainly possess the same thoroughbred ability.

That's why Evertonians will be thrilled at the news that King Louis has committed his future to the Blues.

I say long-term, because a two-year deal is significant when you are a 31-year-old forward harbouring a quiet desire to play for your country again.

But while Saha is perhaps not liable to launch into vaguely profound or long-winded diatribes about the media a la Cantona, he is capable of enigmatic flashes.

An outsider could even interpret his decision to stay at Goodison as typical of a wilful man who does what he wants.

Make no mistake, the former Manchester United man could have earned more money elsewhere.

Spurs' interest in him was serious, and Arsene Wenger was monitoring the talks between Saha and the Goodison board with avid interest. Both clubs could have significantly improved on whatever Everton have offered. Turkey's Besiktas would have moved heaven and earth to get him too.

Yet according to those closest to him, Saha simply wanted to stay put above anything else.

He is settled in Merseyside and feels at home at Everton, where he is held in particularly high esteem by his team mates.

The Everton squad's regard for Saha is so high that they still use the nickname 'King' for him.

But more importantly, Saha feels that he still owes a degree of emotional debt to David Moyes and Bill Kenwright.

Source: Liverpool_Echo