Overseas deals boost clubs' coffers

30 March 2010 05:14
Premier League sides will each benefit by an extra £7.5million per season from the overseas television deals, club chairmen have been told.

It has been known for some time that the Premier League's overall overseas deals for the 2010-13 period will comfortably top £1billion but the benefit to each individual club can now be revealed.

The clubs have been told to expect between £7million and £8million per annum extra to add to the £12million they currently receive annually from overseas TV, sponsorship and licensing money.

That will push the minimum each club can earn in TV cash and prize money alone from a season in the top flight to £40million - and whoever are champions next season can expect to rake in more than £60million and that does not include income from gate receipts, club sponsorship deals or merchandise sales.

As overseas TV cash is split equally between the clubs, the Premier League hope the increase will fend off those chairmen who still believe there should be a more even distribution of domestic TV money.

The bulk of that comes from Sky and is distributed via prize money of about £750,000 per place in the league table, a £13.9million payment to each club and 'facility fees' of £480,000 for each televised match (with a minimum of 10 per club).

The 2010-13 domestic deal is for £1.782billion compared to £1.7billion for the current period. The clubs have been told they will be getting similar sums from domestic rights for the first year of the new deal, then increasing in the following seasons.

The league are still to finalise two outstanding overseas deals, but the contracts agreed so far are not far short of double the £625million total for the current period.

The influx of extra cash will also serve to widen the financial gulf for clubs in the Championship, and some of the extra cash will go towards paying for an increase in parachute payments for relegated clubs from £11.2million to £16million from the end of this season.

Solidarity payments to Football League clubs will also come out of this pot, but have yet to be decided - for this season they ran to £21.6million.

The two countries yet to finalise rights deals are Russia and Albania - and the latter one may not happen anyway due to concerns over piracy issues.

Source: Team_Talk