NIGEL MARTYN: Everton FC deserve more credit for great results against Man Utd & Chelsea

23 February 2010 01:45
A GOOD performance delivered a fantastic result over Manchester United on Saturday.

Despite a bright start by the visitors, and fears they might run riot once Dimitar Berbatov put them in front, Everton got straight back into it and never looked back.

Once Diniyar Bilyaletdinov replied three minutes later there was only one team in it.

Among many impressive displays, Leon Osman did particularly well. I had to chuckle when Sky Sports named Jack Rodwell man of the match.

Of course, he took his goal really well but only came on in the 88th minute. What must Leon be thinking after putting in a full shift?

The whole midfield deserves praise, with Steven Pienaar and Mikel Arteta also standing out, the Spaniard displaying nice touches throughout the game.

Often when United take the lead they become pass masters, making it difficult for you to get the ball back, let alone play. However, it was Everton who took the game to them and they simply couldn't live with us.

Even their manager admitted the best team won, which is about as much as you'll ever get from him, but it struck me just how little credit Everton got from elsewhere.

I was disappointed with the coverage afterwards. The focus seemed to be on how jaded United looked after a tough trip to Milan in Europe in midweek.

That may have been so but didn't Everton also have a tricky game against Sporting Lisbon last week?

Source: Liverpool_Echo