Moyes: We can all help referees

09 November 2010 05:44
David Moyes believes managers have a big part to play in helping referees after Tony Pulis suggested a relegation system for officials.

Pulis feels aggrieved at the number of decisions which have gone against his side in the Premier League this season and suggested a system where clubs vote on the performance of referees, with the bottom three relegated at the end of the season.

But Moyes believes the onus should be on clubs to help officials rather than rate them.

He said: "I think the managers and clubs could help the referees, but it would need them to be willing to listen and hear what we've got to say.

"We had one of the referees in last week and we really enjoyed (having) him. I think he probably enjoyed his time here as well. I think we could learn from each other.

"But at this present time it is hard enough to get them on the telephone after a game at the weekend to hear their answer on something, so I don't think they'll be putting themselves forward too quickly.

"I heard one of the points. I think the referees are full-time but they only ever train together once a fortnight. They keep themselves fit but they do no tactical training, no game training.

"So for me - if that's the case - it's a full-time job and I would have thought those referees should be out most days.

"I think they are downloading their performances onto their computers and sending it in.

"If I was the boss of the referees I'd be saying, 'I am going to have to get you people together and get you trained more. I am going to have to find ways of training you'.

"And maybe that is going into clubs."

Fulham manager Mark Hughes admitted he was unsure of Pulis' idea.

"I don't know whether it would change the level of refereeing," Hughes said. "It is a difficult job and not one I would like myself.

"What they are lacking at the moment is quality of numbers. The numbers of quality referees aren't quite there and maybe they are trying to push referees who aren't quite ready for the significance of Premier League games."

But Blackpool manager Ian Holloway has come out in favour of Pulis' suggestion.

He said: "We just all want it to be right. How must Stoke City fans feel? All you're hoping at the moment is that all these wrongs balance out, but what if they don't?

"I'm just saying use common sense, use the technology and I think it would solve itself. The public don't want to hear us rant and rave. They are sick and fed up of hearing me say about referees. What do I know?

"All I do know is that the people at the top of the game are not running it right. I want them to understand that it is so stupid what is happening.

"Human beings are making errors and we are judging them with machinery, but we won't let them use that machinery to make the right decisions.

"You've got to be a fool not to do that, so why don't we do it now?"

Holloway believes if referees were aided by technology, there would be even greater merit in Pulis' suggestion about ranking them.

"A league table where they go up or down? Well, they are under enough pressure as it is," Holloway said. "Just give them the information, then maybe still do that. None of us should be totally safe.

"If we could stay in the Premier League but finished bottom it wouldn't be fair. Someone should take our place.

"Let's open it up, smash it up. But we'll be talking like this for the rest of the season, somebody should stop it now."

Source: Team_Talk