Moyes: No-one is safe anymore

14 November 2010 10:58
Everton manager David Moyes insists not even he feels safe in his managerial position at Goodison Park.[LNB] The club's long-serving Scottish tactician has been at the helm since 2002 and has been credited with reviving the Merseysiders.[LNB]Maybe feel Moyes has one of the most secure jobs in the business, but the 47-year-old says he is not resting on his laurels.[LNB]The former Preston boss knows that the minute he takes his foot off the accelerator then he could be next in line for the chop.[LNB]"In football management, every day you come into work your job is not secure," he said.[LNB]"I feel that if I don't work hard every week I could be in jeopardy myself. [LNB]"In horse racing terms, I have to be out of the saddle all the time, whip ready. I don't think at Everton we are ever able to canter.[LNB]"We always have to stand up in the saddle and go for it."[LNB]Meanwhile, Moyes admits Everton's meagre output in front of a goal is a concern and that he is mulling over ways to increase their goals tally.[LNB]The Scot has even joked that the team may revert to a long-ball style of play in order to create more chances for their strikers.[LNB]"I might go and start crashing the ball into the box, do it that way," Moyes said.[LNB]"It doesn't really matter what you do between the boxes - it is what happens in the boxes.[LNB]"Obviously people want to see a brand of football which they think is the right way to do things, and over the years in England there has been a lot of criticism of the long ball.[LNB]"But at the end of the day, if you get the ball in the box and knock it down and score goals, then it wins you games.[LNB]"At the moment our football is great up to the box but we can't seem to alternate our play.[LNB]"In the past we have had people like Duncan Ferguson who we could maybe have brought on and done something.[LNB]"So we are a bit limited in what we have got in that respect. We have to keep crafting and passing and finding a way of scoring."

Source: Team_Talk