Martin Broughton says Liverpool FC and Everton FC should share stadium

03 December 2010 07:46
Martin Broughton

FORMER Liverpool FC chairman  Martin Broughton has called on  Merseyside's big two clubs to  consider sharing a new football  stadium.

Speaking to an audience of 580  business leaders last night, he called  on fans to put aside emotional  considerations in favour of  the economic advantages  of a groundshare between  Everton and Liverpool  football clubs.

Mr Broughton said he  'fully supported' New  England Sports Ventures  (NESV) - now the Fenway  Sports Group - in their  preferred option to redevelop  Anfield.

But he went on: 'If that's  not possible, then in my  personal opinion, ground  sharing should be seriously  considered.

'Fans are understandably  emotional about this issue,  but this has to be addressed.  It's not the case of being red  or blue. You can be red one  week, and blue the next.'

Mr Broughton said fans  had to understand that  football clubs face a choice  between a stadium of their  own, or having money left  over to invest in players.

Source: Liverpool_Echo