Kenwright seeks cash injection

12 March 2010 10:29
Everton chairman Bill Kenwright has conceded that his club needs a massive cash injection if they are to prosper in the Premier League in the future. Despite being top-ten regulars in the last few seasons, manager David Moyes has had to work with a limited budget, leaving Kenwright to renew his plea for a billionaire to come forward. He said: "The truth is Everton do need a billionaire. Of course that's a stock phrase, but we do need major investment. "One of the difficulties of being a chairman who's had to use money as wisely as he possibly knows how, is that it's hard when you get bombarded, as I have been in the last three AGMs, with questions like 'Why can't we have what Newcastle have? West Ham? Portsmouth?' "I even got Notts County last year. A former Everton employee had gone there and evidently there was some rumour that I turned down Arab millions beforehand. "Am I hopeful? I've been hopeful before, and nothing's come of anything. But I will find that investment. Keith Harris from Seymour Pierce is probably the top football investment broker. "He has been, alongside others, looking for us. Every name you see that's been out there looking for football clubs, we've spoken to them. We've had people in the Far East, America, Switzerland, Japan."

Source: ESA