Howard Kendall: Proud to be one of 23 Everton Giants

30 November 2012 11:00
It was an honour to be one of 23 Everton Giants honoured with a plaque on the new Wall of Fame at Goodison which was unveiled on Wednesday before the game.

It was also lovely to meet up with some of my former team-mates like Ray Wilson and Colin Harvey, along with some who I hadn’t seen since our playing days. Like with any good pals it didn’t take us long to click back into the banter as the years faded away. It was just like old times and I just hope that if we ever leave Goodison, the club remembers to take the wall with the plaques to our new ground wherever it may be!

 While I’m reminiscing I should mention how sad I was at Dave Sexton’s passing. One of the most meaningful compliments I’ve ever had as a manager came from Dave because he was such a respected coach. I’d been to watch his Coventry side before we played them and when our sides met I was able to spring his offside trap by instructing Mark Higgins to come in from an onside position as his defenders all sprinted out as one from a corner. We scored and at the time he wasn’t happy, but after the game he came over to say well done and that I was right, which meant a lot coming from him.

Source: liverpool_echo