Howard Kendall: Everton FC still in Europa League control

19 February 2010 12:00
MAKE no mistake about it, the Blues are still in the driving seat ahead of the away leg of their Europa League tie with Sporting.[LNB]They will go to Lisbon next week and they only have to score first to put themselves in a great position to progress to the last 16 of the competition.[LNB]Sporting were fairly neat and tidy and looked OK on the counter attack, but overall Everton are stronger.[LNB]If anything I'd like to see David Moyes go over there and ask his team to play at a Premier League pace, harrying Sporting and looking to score fast.[LNB]Everton beat Chelsea because they responded to Chelsea's continental approach of keeping a low tempo and knocking it about by getting stuck into them and picking up the pace.[LNB]But against Sporting the Blues actually adopted a bit more of a Continental style themselves.[LNB]I'd like to see them shock Sporting in their own backyard with a 100mph English approach.[LNB]It's hard when you start off at one pace in a game to switch it to a faster one, so the Blues are better going for it from the onset.[LNB]Look at the likes of Arsenal who play in a very continental style. They often find it hard to adapt even when they really need to. Sometimes there is nothing better than a bit of directness.[LNB]I'm still not a fan of the extra officials in a Europa League game.[LNB]Why on earth Uefa don't introduce goal line technology is beyond me. They have a man behind the goal now but they are still relying on the human eye and the computers are far more accurate.[LNB]Maybe they will have to be embarrassed by another high profile mistake before they decide to go for it.

Source: Liverpool_Echo