Everton FC lodge club logo as official trademark

24 November 2010 01:00
EVERTON FC bosses have moved to protect their logo from European imitators.[LNB]They registered the club's iconic shield and motto Nil Satis Nisi Optimum with continental authorities.[LNB]The club said it was 'standard practice' to do so and it was 'protecting the club's interests' across Europe.[LNB]Last year, the ECHO revealed Everton missed out on lodging 'The People's Club' as an official trademark after a Liverpool market stallholder registered it before them.[LNB] Lifelong Evertonian Brian Gould filed the paperwork after Blues manager David Moyes coined the phrase at his first press conference.[LNB]When the story broke last July, the club said it was moving away from the People's Club slogan and its Latin motto - which means 'nothing but the best is good enough' - would take centre stage.

Source: Liverpool_Echo