Everton FC fans jury

11 February 2010 12:00

ON Saturday before kick-off I wasn't worried about Liverpool. If they finish fourth they will have done extremely well, which makes defeat even harder to take. I thought Liverpool on Saturday at best were awful and Everton somehow managed to be even worse!

I was sat in the main stand and the abuse Ngog and Babel received was a bit over the top and even Dirk Kuyt the goalscoring matchwinner didn't seem the most popular man on the pitch. It's obvious things aren't great at Anfield and Everton probably missed the best chance in years to capitalise and take all three points.

Certain players in blue shirts never stood up and allowed themselves to be counted, which is a real shame as the boys have really started to look like a team getting back to winning ways.

Everton bottled it and sadly allowed a glorious opportunity to pass them by.

Source: Liverpool_Echo