Everton FC fan letters - was Mikel Arteta move the right one

10 February 2010 12:00
WE completely fell into Liverpool's trap.

Carragher's tackle after 10 seconds set the scene and we quickly followed suit.

Piennar was lucky to last until he did and Fellaini should have gone too. We had better players on the pitch but just chose to hump the ball as usual and forgot to play how we did against Manchester City.

The team seems incapable of stringing consistently high performances together. We can string results, but it's not the same thing.

Our play was pedestrian, predictable and boring.

I can't believe we've lost to such a poor Liverpool side.

The frustration is you know that this team is capable of competing against anybody. But I'm beginning to think that mentally, the players are not tough enough to cut it when it really matters.


LIVERPOOL deserved to win the derby.

Fundamentally, this game was a reality check for Everton and our ambitions.

David Moyes has accumulated a sound squad which, provided it stays under his stewardship, will continue to be a competent top 10 team for the foreseeable future.

However, in order to join the top four or to compete with them Everton need pace and it is for this reason why they lost to Liverpool.

For probity purposes Everton defensively, look very solid and it is time to unleash the SuperEagles Yakubu & Anichebe as an attacking duo.

David, Aintree

Source: Liverpool_Echo