Everton FC can flourish without new faces insists Tim Howard

06 January 2011 08:00
Tim Howard

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TIM HOWARD insists Everton can flourish even if David Moyes is unable to being in new faces this month.

The Toffees goalkeeper believes last night's thrilling 2-1 victory over title contenders Spurs proved the Blues have enough quality to thrive regardless of their financial situation, as they rose to 11th in the Premier League.

Howard, who made a string of stops to keep Everton in the lead against Harry Redknapp's side, said: 'I look at the league as a whole and it's still topsy turvy.

"The results tell you that. The Villas, and Spurs fighting for a foot hold up there are getting odd results.

'You've got to be confident in this squad.

"We have all the ability in the world.

"We haven't hit top form individually or as a team, but it's no time to panic.

"We need to build on this now and provide more top performances.'

Source: Liverpool_Echo

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