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Angry Wigan boss Roberto Maryinez rues another penalty that got away

27 Dec 2012 00:00:00

Angry Wigan boss Roberto Maryinez rues another penalty that got away

Wigan manager Roberto Martinez had no doubt his Wigan side had been hard done to at Goodison yesterday, after Shaun Maloney was denied a penalty.
After also being denied a penalty in last weekend’s defeat by Arsenal, Martinez said: “Shaun Maloney is not a player that looks for penalties.

“He is someone who once he gets in that one v one situation you know how effective he can be.

“He goes past his defender easily and there is no need for him to go down but I think if you look at Leon Osman’s reaction it tells you everything. If you see defending a one v one in the box and someone goes down, you go mad – and rightly so.

“Leon Osman just went away and showed a face of feeling that he got away with that incident.

”I don’t really understand what the referee saw and I am getting a bit tired of talking about these moments.“

Wigan, after narrow escapes in each of the past two seasons, appear to be heading for another relegation battle. Martinez added:

“I’m frustrated and angry. It is a moment of the season where results are starting to be very important.

“We knew we were coming to a difficult place but the way we played the first half, I thought we stopped them from having any momentum.

“We were starting to get into a good position to get a positive result and actions in both boxes cost us.

“We need to make sure we don’t rely on third parties – we don’t rely on decisions to get positive results. We will learn from it. It is not good enough just to play well.”


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