Equatorial Guinea receive 800,000 euro bonus

24 January 2012 07:46

Equatorial Guinea received almost 800,000 euros here Tuesday, the windfall paid by the son of the country's president as a bonus for their Africa Cup of Nations defeat of Libya.

Teodorin Obiang Nguema kept his pre-match promise to give the co-hosts 760,000 euros for the 1-0 win in Saturday's opening match and a further 30,000 euros for the scorer of the goal and for one that was disallowed.

At their team hotel he told the players: "I ask you to play (against Senegal on Wednesday) like you did in the first match, scoring more goals. My bonuses will continue for the coming games."

Explaining his decision to pay out on two goals he said: "For us you scored two valid goals. I don't want to share in the injustice of the over ruled goal, and so this goal gets its bonus."

The president's son concluded: "Equatorial Guinea is often spoken about in a negative way, but we can also produce victories."

Source: AFP