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15 June 2010 10:09


With his slightly less than prolific record of just eight goals in 59 caps, Emile Heskey has come under major criticism from England fans over the past few years.

And although his battling performance on Saturday evening won him a few more fans among the English contingent, it seems as though the Aston Villa striker has always been a hit with his international team-mates.

The former Liverpool man has become England's unofficial hairdresser in South Africa, with a long queue of squad members lining up for a quick trim before the game against USA.

Rumours that Heskey will be styling David Beckham's hair in time for Algeria on Friday remain unconfirmed.

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Sticking with England and it looks as though another sport could be one of the reasons for the squad's unconvincing display in Rustenburg.

John Terry and Glen Johnson are apparently locked in a heated battle to determine who the best darts player in the squad is.

Fabio Capello's men have invented a game called 'Darts golf' in which hitting the biggest black section on the board scores zero (a par in golf) and finding the double strip scores minus two (an eagle).

Johnson said: "I finished 24 under which was the record. JT played with a few others and hit 30 under – but it wasn't an official game."

After watching Saturday's dismal display, maybe the boys should put the darts down and concentrate on football a bit more.

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Finally, an African witchdoctor believes he has the cure to help England's Robert Green avoid another goalkeeping howler in South Africa.

Apparently if Green rubs the powdered leaves of omwetango leaves on his palms then it will boost the power of them during the remaining games.

Well according to Herbalist Musa Ronald anyway.

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