World Cup 2014 - 99 days to go: Gazza's tears

05 March 2014 09:00

In the 99th minute of the 1990 World Cup Semi-Final England’s Paul Gascoigne received a second yellow card meaning he would miss the final if England were to beat West Germany. In the end the game was of course won by penalties after Chris Waddle failed to convert his penalty. Gascoigne was famously shown on television cameras in tears after the realisation of his suspension for the next match.

The footage has gone on to become an iconic moment in the FIFA World Cup and England have never reached the semi-finals since. West Germany went on to win the World Cup that year after defeating Argentina, the hosts Italy finished 3rd and England 4th.

Speaking in 2010, Waddle said that "the great thing about Gazza is that he didn't respect who he was playing against. He didn't even know who he was playing against. When I mentioned Rijkaard he thought it was a country."


Source: DSG