Will taking Rooney to euro 2012 be a waste of time?

05 January 2012 09:12
Following the news that Wayne Rooney will miss the first two games of Euro 2012, against France and Sweden,what happens if England don’t go any further then the group stages?

His spot could have been given to another striker who could have taken his place in the squad.

There is no doubt that Wayne Rooney has provided for England in the past but this has not been the case so much lately.

He hasn’t played for England since his sending off on the 7th October against Montenegro and only scored for England twice in 2011 and only once in 2010.

He hasn’t been in top form and his position could be given to a number of other players, so it should be a relatively easy decision for Fabio Capello to make, but it is not.

With Rooney having such a big influence on the squad and also having the ability to put a fear factor into other teams, his contributions could be vital for England.

Rooneys main problem though, is his temper. If history is anything to go by then Rooney could return to play against Ukraine and get sent off again.

He would then miss the rest of the tournament and it would waste a spot in the squad, Fabio Capello should keep his options open and look at other players before deciding whether Rooney is a wise move.

Aston Villa striker Darren Bent has 13 England caps and has scored 4 goals, he has been in better form recently and could improve closer to the time.

Rooney's Manchester Untied team mate, Ashley Young has also been on top form recently and could be played in an attacking position as well as Theo Walcott.

Other options for Capello include Fulham's Bobby Zamora and the young duo of Daniel Sturridge and Danny Welbeck, all three would go to the tournament having a point to prove and are relatively unknown to the opposition.

There is a lot of growing talent in the England squad, it just needs the experience and time to grow, everyone thinks of Rooney as the only threat but their is more to the squad than Wayne Rooney.

England shouldn’t struggle for goals without Rooney, the question is will Fabio Capello feel the same?

Source: DSG