Venables backs Mac choice

03 June 2007 11:15
Assistant manager Terry Venables has denied being a yes man in the England set-up, but accepts that head coach Steve McClaren has the final say. Venables is reported to have been against the recall of David Beckham for the games against Brazil and Estonia, but the former England boss says that his opinion is not the one that counts. He told The News of the World: "Most of the time we are in agreement - occasionally we are not. "I supported the decision Steve made with regard to Beckham last August, but I can understand bringing him back. Whether I agree or not is immaterial. "My job is to give a straight answer, when asked. What Steve does with that opinion is up to him and from there we all work with what he has decided. He is the boss. "I am not there to be Steve's yes man. I know what Steve said he wanted from me when I took the job and that is the support I continue to provide. "But there is no point having me on the staff if all that is required is an echo of Steve's voice. "This does not mean I challenge him for the sake of it. There is nothing to be gained in looking for trouble where none exists."

Source: ESA