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Three things England must do to win the World Cup (Part 1)

By: Richie Reed 14 Mar 2014 10:47:30

Three things England must do to win the World Cup (Part 1)

The World cup is fast approaching and many football fans have started dreaming of a world cup win for their team, but do the players really believe they can win that big gold lump?

Here are three things England must do if they have any chance in the hot climate of Brazil.

TOTAL Belief

To win any tournament teams need a rampant (sometimes ugly) desire to win. Images of Terry Butcher and Gazza spring to mind, but then the Beckham and Rooney red cards spoil our recent memory. Quite simply, from 1 -99 minutes every player must believe wholeheartedly in the team and tactics regardless of ego related bias. Only then will we see a pure display of English confidence and self control. Belief = Confidence and self control.

Cahill & Terry

The national team should always contain the best players. Clearly, Cahill and Terry are our best centre half pairing (see results v top 4). They have the minerals. It’s football not politics. John Terry must have a place in the squad because he is respected for football skills globally. You know he will put his head in and that sets the basic example. He will score. The FA need to chat him up quickstyle or do a BA Baracus on him! We need you John and you deserve to play. Simple.

Practice Penalties

Practice makes perfect. It’s mind boggling, given the history we have at penalties, that the ‘delayed’ FA commission won’t openly admit (pre tournament) that practising penalties will help. Every fan knows this. We could have penalty tournaments everyday after training - with players putting wages in the pot to simulate pressure. On the day of a penalty tournament – don’t change your mind, rush the buzz or do a smart arse dinky winky (Pirlo aside). Just look at where the winning teams of last 20 years have put their pens. Let’s hope the FA have graphics of England versus winning teams. We just don’t put the ball in the right place. Sort it out England!


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