Storm disrupts England clash

07 June 2014 09:47

England's final World Cup warm-up clash with Honduras was delayed midway through the first half, with the players taken off for a minimum of 30 minutes because of storms.

Daniel Sturridge had just missed the best chance of the game in Miami when the players appeared to pause for a drinks break, only for referee Ricardo Salazar to take them off.

With storms predicted in the 'Sunshine State' the players were taken to the dressing rooms and fans advised to take shelter in the concourse and, shortly after, flashes of lightening were seen.

Salazar told ITV that the delay was for a minimum of 30 minutes as the skies opened and heavy rain fell.

"I am aware of the situation and if we have to delay further, we will," he said.

Presenter Adrian Chiles was then joined by England manager Roy Hodgson.

"It's a surprise, not something we come across very often in Europe," he said. "I have encountered it in Europe and we can only accept and appreciate the referee's decision as he is concerned about the safety.

"All we can do it wait and see what he tells us after the delay."

England have a flight booked to Brazil at 10.30pm Miami time but Hodgson added: "That won't be a problem. We have an (air) slot and I don't know how easy it is to get another one, but it's a private plane."

Hodgson, who had told his players to relax in the dressing room, added: "We are ready to play any time. We are not worried about going back out. These are facts of life, we have to get on with it."

The former Liverpool boss was relaxed about the possibility of his last warm-up match being rained off, but said of the action so far: "We are controlling the game and had a couple of decent chances."

Source: PA