Roy Hodgson a good manager or just a good man?

30 March 2013 11:56

Ok so that’s the question. Is Roy Hodgson any good as a manager or is he just a nice bloke who the FA liked and that’s why he got the England job? He wasn’t my first choice or my second really. Infact I don’t think he was on my list a candidate for the job.

I can’t see how a guy - who after recently reading Wikipedia as that’s the only way I new he had only won anything in Sweden and Denmark - and has never won anything for a long time be a contender. How is that any good for a manager of a nation like England? Is that what the FA settled for a nice guy and an OK manager? But only if he is in a league of a very much lower caliber than the Premier League.

I wasn’t impressed when he was paraded in front of the media, I kind of thought history repeating itself, I remember when everyone was calling for big Sam Allardyce to get the job but because he wasn’t a 'yes man' I think it went to Steve McLaren, and to be fair that tenure didn’t go so well did it?

What is it with the English FA? Is it yes men they only want and never the right choice? Should the job actually gone to Harry Redknapp, as the footballing world and all of England thought it was going to?

I’m sorry if this is a little harsh on Roy but I just don’t think the job should’ve of gone to a man who hasn’t won anything since 2001 and has never really shown that he is the best or the most suited for the job. He in my eyes is just another yes man that the FA employed and then they had the cheek to say he was there first choice from the beginning but they took weeks to announce it. I’m sorry I just don’t see that being the truth in my eyes, I just think they were waiting for a manager who would say yes to what they wanted and that man was one Roy Hodgson.

I for one can’t watch England play football as I feel it is a farce I just don’t see any tactical game plan or and tactical changes that are going to influence the game, are we a country who should really be settling for a draw against Montenegro, no disrespect to them at tall but I feel a nation as big as ours should be winning these games with ease and should never be in a position where we may not qualify for the world cup it feels like Graham Taylor all again.

Please FA appoint a manager who is actually a winner because they always say once a winner always a winner, and not once a winner in 2001 always a yes man. Come on do what’s good for the country and not your reputation.

Source: DSG