Robinson comes under fire

11 September 2007 08:49
Tottenham goalkeeper Paul Robinson is England's weak link, according to Russia captain Andrei Arshavin. The two teams meet in a crucial Euro 2008 qualifier at Wembley on Wednesday and Arshavin is expecting Robinson to make another error following his recent inconsistent displays for England. Arshavin also believes back-up keepers David James and Scott Carson are no better than Robinson and thinks there is a dearth of shot-stopping English talent at the moment. "I believe they do not have normal keepers," he said. "Robinson, putting it mildly, is not the strongest representative of his profession - this is our chance. "We will have to try to disturb Robinson. We are relying on a victory against the Englishmen and it is completely possible in this game. They have weak spots and if we use them we will definitely conquer. "Once we're on the field we will forget they are superstars. As an attacker I'm more interested in finding the weak points in their defence. "And in my opinion they have one of the best defences in Europe. To force it open will be complicated but individually the English appear, frankly, weak football players."

Source: ESA