'Psychic' raccoon predicts England win

11 June 2012 04:22

A "psychic" raccoon at a British zoo has predicted that England will beat France in their opening match Monday, his keepers said.

Rocky the raccoon is the latest in a string of animals hailed for their so-called clairvoyant powers.

The animal, kept at Bristol Zoo Gardens, southwest England, follows in the footsteps of Paul the "psychic" octopus, who shot to stardom during the 2010 World Cup.

When offered two pots with equal amounts of food marked with the shirts of the opposing teams, Rocky the raccoon was quick to plump for England.

"This is the first time Rocky has demonstrated psychic abilities and he's chosen the underdogs to win," said his keeper Mat Richards.

"So we are all keeping our fingers crossed that he is right and we have a win from England."

Source: AFP