Own goal for Goal Line Technology in football already?

15 April 2013 02:21

Many fans (and players) wanted it, many feared it but as it now seem that Goal-Line Technology has been agreed and is likely to be enforced next season, but is it really a good thing?

For years the opinion of the referee has been scrutinised by pundits and professionals alike within the game and after debating and a vote amongst the Countries elite will be rolled across the Premier League next season. They will use the Hawk-Eye brand which has become ever so popular with Tennis and Snooker. Rugby has long since used video replay to determine tries and other such important decisions.

It will naturally without doubt take a shine off the game, supporters won’t be able to analyse the match in their local drinking hole or listen to Gary Lineker and Alan Hansen on Match of the Day tell you ten times that it wasn’t in or that a team has been robbed of what was an obvious goal.

Above all I think it is important to ask yourself that in today’s world and technology, if there has only now been feel the need for this improvement why hasn’t leading countries such as Germany, Italy and Spain implemented this in their domestic leagues.

Despite all this however, as usual it is the ‘little guys’ who miss out, estimated to cost £2,000 a match to run, I am sure that the likes of Sheffield United, Wednesday and others with some flowing cash would be able to afford this. But how do those which invested in this next season but find themselves playing Championship football by the start of the 2015-16 seasons going about?

In my personal opinion I couldn’t see it fair that in a match for example Wigan Athletic vs. Derby County that at the DW Stadium this technology could be in place but at Pride Park they perhaps wouldn’t have this advantage unless of course it is abolished from the Football League in its entirety – but what would be the point in having this if you can’t use it.

As usual with high Champions League money at stake it’s those amongst the elite top four to six clubs which are taken into account whilst (despite all playing under FIFA rules) the smaller teams are forgotten about.

Source: DSG