Lampard won't give up on England

07 September 2011 05:30

Frank Lampard has insisted he is nowhere near quitting England, claiming he or whoever is in charge will know when his time is up.

The 33-year-old midfielder was left out of Friday's 3-0 Group G win in Bulgaria, leading some to predict his England career was over, but Lampard was adamant after being recalled for Wednesday's victory over Wales that he still had the hunger to play.

He said: "One thing I do know is that, while I can give everything, I will give everything. And the only time I would probably not play for England is when the manager doesn't want pick me any more - which can happen - or whether I find it a lot more beneficial for me in terms of my long-term career that I don't want to play, and I'm certainly not near that."

Lampard insisted he had never considered himself undroppable.

He said: "People like to give off the idea that players are expecting to play every game and we've never been like that.

"We're all professionals and driven, and our egos are only our desire to succeed individually and as a group, and we haven't quite done that for England.

"It should be competitive and I've had phases before where I've sat on the bench for England.

"The furore, I tried to stay away from this week and just tried to keep my head down and concentrate."

He added: "I'm 33 and once you hit 30 or 33 then people will always start talking up the 'old' thing.

"I'm here in the squad and very proud to be an England player."

Source: PA

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