Just What Is David Beckham Thinking?

04 June 2014 09:10

Without doubt, one of the best players that has ever graced the beautiful game has been the magnificent David Beckham. In a way, he changed the face of English football as a young and rising star in the Manchester United strip, winning title after title and cup after cup with the Red Devils. And so, when he retired from playing football, we all saw the end of Beckham the player and wished him well with his retirement and any ventures he would become involved with. Indeed we all salute a man who can go to America and try to bring about the emergence of a new team in Miami.

But, one has to question his mentality this morning as we see him preparing to embark, possibly, back into a playing career at Miami. He has hinted that he may resume his playing career as he tries to launch the MLS soccer team.

Beckham, who retired in May 2013 after twenty years of playing professional football, says that this new venture could mean him playing at the tender age of 39. In spite of his retirement and his short spell at PSG, we see someone here who possibly does not know when to walk away from something so good.

He appeared for Manchester United 394 times and scored 85 goals and for Real Madrid 157 times, with 19 goals, as well as spending loan spells with AC Milan and PSG and has appeared 118 times for LA Galaxy, scoring 20 goals. So why does he want to embark again on playing, instead of being purely behind the scenes?

When appearing in a BBC TV documentary, he is reported as saying, “there has never been a player-owner, but maybe.” Who knows what happens in this footballing head? Who knows just how long he has left before he has to say “no more?” One thing is for certain and that is that whatever he does and whether he plays, or not, the game will have benefited from such a talent as his.

Source: DSG